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Linda jarrett is an International Spiritual Teacher, Author, Temple of Golden Light Workshop Leader, Meditation Teacher, Healer and Clairvoyant.

Her message as Founder and Ambassador of the Temples of Golden Light is to spread the love of Golden Light and heal humanity and Mother Earth.


This Meditation CD/MP3 will connect you to some of the many Temples of Golden Light, that have been placed in the etheric of Mother Earth.Connecting you to the Main Temple of Golden Light in the etheric over Istanbul Turkey, also Paris France, Athens Greece, Agra India and Glastonbury England Uk. The Temples of Golden Light are ascension temples, they act as conduits. Source energy comes down and enters the temples, changing all those within. This opportunity ignites our healing journey on all levels helping us all to gain inner peace and allowing the realisation of our highest and fullest potential.


There are 144 Temples of Golden Light placed around the globe acting as a very powerful healing grid of energy working for the highest good of humanity and mother earth. There are 33 of the temples that are surrounded by Cities of Light. 

All meditations written and presented by Linda Jarrett. All music written and performed by Shirlie Roden, singer, songwriter and sound therapist.

Temple of Golden Light - Meditations I - CD

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