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Linda Jarrett is an International Spiritual Teacher, Author, Temple of Golden Light Workshop Leader, Meditation Teacher, Clairvoyant and Writer.  Her message as Peace Ambassador and Founder of the Temples of Golden Light is to spread awareness of compassion and loving kindness to help heal humanity and planet earth.


This CD will connect you to some of the many Temples of Golden Light, that have been
placed in the etheric of mother earth all around the world. Connecting you to the Temples –
Sedona Arizona USA, Antarctica, Margaret River Perth Australia, Ancient Egypt, Phoenix
Arizona USA, Machu Picchu Peru South America.

The Temples of Golden Light are ascension temples, they act as conduits. Source energy
comes down and enters the temples, changing all those within. This opportunity ignites your
unique healing journey on all levels and helps you to gain inner peace and allows the
realisation of your highest potential.


The temples are a gift from Source to re-balance planet earth with Goddess energy raising the vibration through ascension. All of the Temples of Golden Light perform specific healing functions and may be able to help you with the following, healing emotions, healing physical body disharmony, healing heart issues, healing the mind, healing children and healing animals. when we learn to live together in compassion, love, peace and harmony we will be one consciousness, a family of light.

All meditations written and presented by Linda Jarrett. All music written and performed by Shirlie Roden, singer, songwriter and sound therapist.

Temple of Golden Light - Meditations III - CD

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