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Home an interesting subject to write about, what does this word conjure up for you? Home naturally is where the heart is, or Home as a place of safety, or perhaps Home - back to your original form or Home – to feel loved.

Either way home is usually a safe place to be to spend time in, somewhere you can go back to after a long hard days work, somewhere you can escape to where there is peace and quiet, somewhere tranquil where you can think, well hopefully a quiet place to think, I'm sure everyone can find somewhere in their home that is quiet and safe, where you can relax.

Just think Home and what does this mean to you, feeling cosy, soft furnishings, warmth, a comfortable bed, nice food, flowers, paintings, pictures, perhaps you have an animal at home waiting to greet you when you arrive home to your homely sanctuary. As they say home is where the heart is and of course peoples homes contain their own energy, or a combination of different energies having more than one person living in that home. When you are looking for a new home, you will be more attracted to the energy of someone else’s home that is bright and light energetically, as that is what you will feel or sense when you step inside the front door. If the home feels or senses sad, depressing or lonely to you then it could put you off buying or renting that particular accommodation. So your home is extremely important, this is where you can receive inspiration, relax, somewhere you chill out or even meditate, entertain others, and somewhere you are free to do what you wish to away from the confines of work and every day life.

At home you may feel loved and be able to show love, perhaps outside of your home you can not do this. Your home is where you keep your secrets, if you have any of course. Your home is mostly about you, and your loved ones, filled with photos of your family. And maybe family members in the spirit world possibly, photos of Mother, Father, Grandmother, Grandfather, Brothers, Sisters, and certainly a home where you will have lots of happy memories in photos or drawings, also photos of animals and this is very comforting.

When we move home we certainly can get the feeling as if the rug has been removed from under are feet, we then can feel lost or disorientated, this must be very unsettling for someone who moves in with a member of their family after selling their own home, meanwhile looking for somewhere new to buy or rent, as they are living in someone elses energy. Homes are all about energy as well as places of peace, love, contentment, solitude, security, and memories. How lovely to have the home of your choice, to live where you would like to live, sometimes we have to put up with living in a place that may not seem that right for us, always hoping the grass is greener on the other side and we will win the lottery and move to a bigger grander home. Homes can be stepping stones , and there is sometimes always something better around the corner for everyone.

This leads me onto what happens when we leave this glorious planet with all its beauty in nature, the oceans and stars in the night sky. Well as far as I can understand your life here creates your afterlife in the spirit world. Apparently we can create our own future by the way we think, act, and conduct ourselves. So if you are considerate, thoughtful, show loving kindness, and have played out your karma of cause and effect then you will be going home back to God/Goddess straight back to source.

Home conjures up different thoughts for different people and truly its not for me to say to you where do you feel at home or where do you consider home, - that’s for you to think about. So take a moment to pause and reflect and think where is my real home? Is it on this wonderful planet earth or perhaps on another planet or star system or in another dimension, or even multidimension or another amazing existence, maybe this is too much for you to think about? Is heaven your real home or is that somewhere that sounds nice and lovely to escape to after your hectic life here on earth. I personally know there is more to life, than maybe what you have or are aware of now, but that’s gained after much soul searching and years of meditation and practising healing and mediumship with other people.

My wisdom tells me to make the most of each day and live my life as if every day is my last day here on earth. Make the most of your home, and your heart felt love for your family, friends and other people, share your vibration your own homely wisdom, your own energy with those around you, create a home lovely enough for others to feel at home in and comfortable enough to be themselves.

Love and Light



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