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In the 1960’s, the Beatles’ sang ‘Love, Love, Love – Love is all you need’. And

that couldn’t be truer than today.

We often hear about the arrival of the Fifth Dimension, but what does that

mean? What will it represent?

The purpose for entering the Fifth Dimension is to become a community, a

huge family of light and love, caring and sharing and looking out for each

other. Mother Earth is lifting her vibration and we need to do the same. If we

don’t we will be left behind. We, humankind, have a great responsibility to

help this process, to do as much as well can: prayer, meditation, hands-on help

or financial support. Of course, to give of oneself is wonderfully rewarding.

Truth is, there is no other way forward.

Change is already here, so often we are witnessing a transparency, people

speaking out at injustices, unfairness and inequality and uncovering mistruth

and corruption. We need come together to bring balance, justice and fairness

to our world. We need to show love, compassion and consideration to every

single soul on this planet with open hearts and true intentions – coming from

the heart space and away from a life controlled by our thought processes.

A good way to reach our ‘heart space’ is of course, to meditate. To still our

mind and be able to connect with that point of peace and connection even if

only for 20 minutes each day – it is truly invaluable.

Even the briefest moments of quiet time can you put you in touch with your

deepest self and help you reflect on life. The body heals itself with endorphins,

the healing cells that travel around the body - they work on our physical,

mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. Meditation brings down blood

pressure, removes anxiety, frustrations and worries. It also helps to ‘heal the

past’ - in this life and past-lives. And for some of you it is possible to clear

alternative realities, dimensions and other timelines (if you are aware there is

such a thing).

Silence or meditation can benefit us in so many ways. So, give your brain a


On a practical level, we can start by being friends with our neighbours as well

as our own family, friends and acquaintances. Be polite to one another and

considerate to other people’s needs.

Take the time to listen to people who are suffering and need to talk. The

reward is real, the Love you share will brighten their day, but yours also.

So how many ways are there of spreading the love?

Cook a meal for someone, smile at a stranger, let someone cut in front of you

in traffic, do voluntary work, give to a good cause, volunteer at an animal

shelter or hospice, let someone keep the change, tell someone you love them, give a reduced rate or discount to someone who has not got much money.

Send a card of appreciation to thank someone in your life, tell your friends how

much they mean to you, pay for a coffee or tea for someone that has not got

much money, buy some flowers for your someone for no reason, be a good

listener, make people laugh with your jokes or funny accents, offer to give

someone a lift in your car, there are so many, ways to help others.

One of the Laws of the Universe dictates that ‘spreading the love’ comes right

back to you. The more love you give, the more you will receive. It is the Law of

Attraction – give kindness, receive kindness. People feel good when they know

they are loved.

So, believe in yourself and maybe write down positive affirmations to help

yourself and those around you. See love in everything and turn every negative

into a positive. You will soon notice the difference.

Ultimately, ‘spreading the love’ will benefit you, those around you and the

whole world. It’s easy to do and there are so many ways it will benefit your life.

Spread love everywhere you go. Let no one ever come to you without leaving

happier, loved and lighter in energy. It will lower your own stress levels and

enhance your well-being. Try to do at least one thing a day to help others, you will soon be feeling fabulous.

By Linda Jarrett

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1 Kommentar

18. Dez. 2022

Your words are so true and very inspiring 😊 I am very thankful to have found you and I especially enjoy your Temples of Golden Light meditations.

Gefällt mir
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