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Traditionally, endings are ‘off with the old and on with the new’ – ironically, a place a lot of people are right now.

Of course, endings the end or final resolution to something – closure, completion, outcome, finale can also mean ‘a new beginning’.

So, how would you like your life to be? What would you like to end?

Many people are searching for new ways of living, of being, and for situations that make them happy instead of feeling sad. Human beings need to be happy - we need to have a reason to live and things to look forward to in life. So, if you feel like a change is needed in your life, if you need to end something that no longer serves you, this is the time for filling that space with love, joy and happiness – a time for new beginnings.

Habitually, we like what feels safe and secure and instinctively do not like change which means we can easily get stuck in old ways of doing things, old ways of thinking, old circumstances, but in order to grow we need to be adaptable and ‘go with the flow of life’.

Life is filled with endings and new beginnings, obviously this can be sad, so we then need to be sad on rainy days and then brighten up and be happy on sunny days. We must learn to take the rough with the smooth, but of course this is much easier said than done. Life can ‘catch us out’ when we least expect it; relationships end, people pass away, jobs come to an end and so it is important to make as many beautiful memories of your loved ones whilst they are here.

Appreciate the value in your life, recognise the incredible wonders of your life before they are gone.

Shifting to the 5th Dimension

Planet Earth is at the end of the 3rd dimension and is gradually shifting gradually into the 5th dimension, the new Earth - the Golden Age. Our world has been in this incredible period for some time now transcending from an old draconian system to a much easier way of living. We still have a way to go, the old Earth is dissolving, all old programming and mindsets are rising to the surface to be healed and cleared in preparation. People are beginning to wake up to the truth of a new reality. Even those with no spiritual understanding are realising that change is afoot – that something is different. This is wonderful to see and hear, we are blessed to be here at this time. Most days I hear of something that truly allows me to know that we are living in the most amazing times of change.

I know this may be difficult for some of you, but remember you were born to be here now - Mother Earth needs your energy, and your help. We are here to serve Mother Earth - not the other way around. Our role is help one another to become a united consciousness - one family, and not live separately as many people do now. We need to think of others, our neighbours, our friends as well as our family and animals.

If you are contemplating an ending in your life, take a moment of reflection and envisage the new beginnings that will bring, the space it will create for new chapters to begin. Give yourself space to recognise how far you have come. It’s so important to honour ourselves.

Always remember something good is around the corner, so off with the old and on with the new. Live life to the fullest and highest possible outcomes and never regret your decisions. Take each day, each moment as it comes, each day, each week, each month, you will get there in your own time.

Article by Linda Jarrett

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