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Being authentic is vital for your divine sovereignty and for you to be able to step into your self- mastership.

Put simply, authenticity means you are true to your own personality, values, and spirit regardless of the pressure you may be under to act otherwise. You are honest with yourself and with others, and you take responsibility for your mistakes.

What is authenticity and why is it important?

An authentic person is not afraid to be ‘true’. They do not bother compromising the entirety of who they are just for the comfort of others. Rather, an authentic person sticks to who they are regardless of others’ opinions. They treasure the people in their life, knowing they love them for all that they are.

We all need to be standing in our authenticity to be ready for the new age of the fifth dimension. By this, I mean being who we really are and not hiding behind a mask.

I often see people, especially young ladies, trying to copy the appearances and behaviours of other women on social media particularly glamorous, beautiful celebrities. At times they seem to have lost their unique, beautiful qualities, following fashion trends, changing their natural gifts with the use of fashion, cosmetics, botox and other appearance enhancing, fake procedures. This ‘mimicking’ of others gradually fades as we get older but succumbing to the pressure of ‘fitting in’ and being accepted denies them the opportunity to know themselves, it excuses them the effort of actually understanding their own individual place in the world

The power that comes from having the integrity to respect yourself, how you look, your place in life, your strengths and your weaknesses and not feel the need to be anything other than who you are is immense and these days, essential. Remaining grounded in these challenging times gives you the ability to ‘look within’ and know who you really are.

For example, some people could say that because I have channelled a book - 220 Temples of Golden Light, recorded many meditation albums and been surrounded by Rainbow Angels for many years, that I am being true to my authentic self.

Usually, sometimes subconsciously, authentic people have some understanding of their spirituality. They tend to not be ‘into’ material things understanding their value is transient. They value friendships and a simple quality of life. They tend not to judge others based on material possessions or social position. They are aware that all of life’s experiences, (good and bad) are opportunities to learn and grow in life and that no matter how difficult life gets, they accept everything with grace and the wisdom that the Universe is working through them.

Authentic people genuinely listen to other people and realise the importance of doing so, that this is a way of healing people. They express themselves freely, comfortable being true to themselves without hurting anyone else. You know where you stand with them, they are honest, transparent and trustworthy – there will be no craftiness or awkwardness.

So, it is important to love yourself, and know your self-worth and stand in your power as a divine sovereign being and attain self-mastery. Those who love themselves are naturally able to be open with others. They accept their imperfections, their faults and their mistakes and are quick to make amends or apologise with a sense of grace rather than the need to ‘people please’.

Whilst we are all unique with our own innate qualities, authenticity brings with it the recognition of those differences in us and a respect for each and every journey they encounter. Authentic people are able to hold firm to their inherent beliefs and not be led astray or persuaded to follow a different path from the one they know to be theirs. There is an inner voice that acts as a compass and helps steer them on the right course for their spiritual growth. You will always know where you stand with someone who ‘knows’ themselves, they are clear thinking, don’t put up with nonsense and speak directly. They have a balance between intuition and logic.

Remember the incredible soul that you are, listen to your intuition and maintain your authenticity in all walks of life – you will enjoy life to the full.

By Linda Jarrett

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