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So, do you know what your truth is? Something you have spent many years trying to find, perhaps?

Some people simply know what their truth is whilst some are born instinctively knowing their purpose in life; a mission they need to achieve, realise or fulfil.

We are all uniquely different, each born with a special gift to offer mankind.

So, what is your truth?

Some people are ‘thinkers’ - using their minds to guide them through life whilst others are ‘doers’ making things happen creatively or artistically. Some of us drift through life, not knowing why they are here or what they are meant to be doing, they need to develop their unique gifts and discover their life purpose. If you have already found your ‘truth,’ you are very lucky.

So many people live in ‘survival mode’ doing jobs they don’t enjoy simply because it pays their bills. But why spend your life doing something you don’t enjoy?

Fortunately, I love my work these days but in my early years I did work that was unfulfilling. It was only as I got older that I started to really know what I wanted to do in life. Perhaps I just found this out at the right time, I believe in synchronicity – that we sometimes meet people or arrive at situations that guide and help us to make the right decisions. This then leads to circumstances that take us to the next stage of our life helping to develop our understanding of our place in the world, and our role in it. We are not alone in life, we all have a guardian angel we can ask for help from.

Meditation is crucial to help us connect with our ‘truth’. It connects you to your ‘higher self’ – your soul and by this connection your answers to life’s questions become clear.

Part of the process is to relax and focus on finding your ’truth.’ Perhaps it’s time to change your career, your job, your home, your relationship, join a gym, or another find a club that suits you and your way of life – we are spoilt for choice these days.

When making decisions, always remember that we have freewill. It is used best when meditating. If there is something you aren’t sure about, don’t listen to other’s opinions or follow their guidance. Instead, simply ‘tune in’ to your inner knowing, your intuition, and follow the answers you get. It will always be the right answer and will always serve you well.

I cannot emphasise enough how important meditation is. It brings peace of mind and relaxation in a hectic, frenzied world. Gratitude is also vital, we should be thankful to the universe for all the good things in life and express it with sincere humility.

When I first starting ‘seeing’ golden temples in the sky, I wondered what on earth they were. But then other people, my friends and clients, began seeing these golden temples around me too.

Whilst meditating upon this, I found my ‘truth’ – that I needed to write a book about the many Temples of Golden Light positioned in the ether of Mother Earth, all around the world. So, I did just that, I wrote a book and now, four years later, I have channelled many more golden temples and there will soon be another book published.

Finding Your Truth sounds quite whimsical and maybe it is, but how wonderful to feel fulfilled when you enjoy doing work or doing a hobby that you love. My daughter has just found her truth. For sixteen years she worked for a holiday company as assistant manager, but then eighteen months ago she decided she would like to become a midwife. She did an anatomy course for a year and qualified for university, and is now a student midwife and loving her new-found vocation. She has found this to be so fulfilling, already she has been out in the community with a mentor midwife helping to deliver babies and helping to take mum’s blood pressure and blood samples.

So, it is never too late to Find Your Truth, the Universe will find a way of helping you if you are focused and determined so don’t give up, there is always help just around the corner.


Linda Jarrett

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