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Awakening is what everyone on our planet is doing right now. We are all awakening, adults, and children alike, in fact children are more awakened than adults. Mother Earth is transitioning and raising her vibration and many more portals of light are opening all over the world in the etheric. There are in fact 144 Temples of golden Light all around the globe. These temples of golden light are connected to the goddess divine energy, here now to re-balance mother earth. Also the temples connect to ascended masters, angels and archangels all of love and light, here to help us on our ascension pathway.

The Christ consciousness energy is flooding through to all of us from source, igniting our hearts. We are living in an amazing time period on our planet. The golden age is here right now, we have just stepped into the 5th dimension, but clearly this will take more time, possibly another 200 years to be properly in the 5th dimension as so much needs to change. All lightworkers need to unite together to teach and help those that do not understand what is happening to them. As we shift more and more, we may get headaches, feel nauseous, out of balance and become fearful and forgetful.

Each and everyone’s journey has brought you to this point in time, where your vibration is shifting and you are clearing old mindsets, old patterning and unblocking and releasing old memories. If you awaken at night or even during the day think of old memories or negative thoughts of the past you need to release these to the light now, this will help you move forward in life. People all over the world are raising their vibration naturally because as more light is released from source through many cosmic star portals around the earth and the temples of golden light, we are letting go of old energy and bringing in new energy.

How amazing is that, so it’s off with the old and on with the new.

Each persons journey is different but we all get there eventually, some take a bit longer that’s all. Its like getting on a bus and taking the long route back home, travelling round and round in circles, where as you could of got on another bus and gone directly there, making it quicker. Some people seem to like hard work!

Awaken to love and light, do not fear it and as they say F.E.A.R has two meanings – Forget Everything And Run or Face Everything And Rise. I hope you rise and acknowledge your beautiful wonderful loving true self. Believe in the magic of the universe to help you. Awaken to love and light in your life, appreciate everything you have and be grateful, then more blessings will come.

Love and Light,



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