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Change your Frequency to Soul Love

Someone explained that our beautiful planet is going through the most incredible shifts and the energy flooding her is having an effect on us all, the moon and her cycles, the solar flares of our sun, more portals of light are opening around the world, a new earth is being birthed ahead of us. This makes sense of how we are feeling and for me, brings hope that things will be easier soon.

We need to be working on a soul level, feeling happiness, joy, loving kindness, and abundance, so your level of consciousness needs to be raised up, if you have not done so already. Shifting your energy consciousness, shifts your overall vibration to a different frequency. If you raise your vibration to a higher frequency, you can dissolve fear, judgement, victimhood, blame, or feeling dis-empowered as you create awareness of self and this gives you power. When raised frequency exists you apply a different mindset to any given situation, because you trust that the universe will look after you with your best interests at heart.

Working with your soul you act from your higher vision, rather than working from your lower energy ego aspect. This makes life a lot easier and helps you to be more peaceful. Changing your frequency can of course, drain you emotionally, physically and mentally allowing you to feel exhausted, struggling to cope with the demands put on us by this modern, media driven world. Especially as the days seems to pass by so quickly with endless things to do, people to see, targets, deadlines to be fulfilled. We are definitely going through an energetic shift, the clues are all around us, this cannot be denied. So take one day at a time this is the time to be in the now moment, this way you will not feel overwhelmed or bewildered.

To be honest, I love peace and quiet and taking a walk in nature, as this helps in so many ways. Our beautiful planet will help you to let go of old energy, and help you, raise your vibration, once you connect to mother earths heart centre. I call this a walking meditation, but this must be done alone, there is no point going for a walk if someone else is demanding your attention or being needy of you, chatting to you about their own dramas. So rule number one set time aside for yourself, take that walk in nature, connect with earths heart centre, set your intention to shift your frequency to soul love. The need for silence is so important, to be actual, be present enough, to hear your soul and be able to follow its guidance.

Have a magical day and change your frequency to soul love now.

Love and Light,



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