What does comfort mean to you? Comfort in your being? Comfort in your place? Comfort

in your world? Comfort in your relationships?

Covid-19 has made us all so much more aware of the need to feel safe and comfortable. It

has been a trying, testing time for so many and just as we get used to one rule, another

comes along to contradict it! So often, the rules don’t make any sense. You must wear a

mask in the supermarket but not the pub or restaurant. Truth is, it’s uncomfortable to have

to wear a mask at all for most of us.

My husband is a care assistant in our local hospital, he has to wear a mask sometimes for 12

hours a day. As you can imagine, this takes him completely out of his comfort zone but the

rule of the hospital is to save lives and so, reluctantly he complies. Instead of travelling abroad this we decided to take advantage of our caravan; a week in Devon and a week in Cornwall. Of course, August is not really the best time for English weather, to our surprise and shock we had to live through two hurricanes. The first week in Totnes we had two days of Storm Ellen and then a week later in St. Ives we had to endure Storm Frances. As you can imagine our caravan was rocking from side to side all night in Devon, so by the time we got to Cornwall I had got used to coping - I felt so sorry for all the people in tents. Overnight, five tents around us had either split in half or leaked so much water their owners ended up sleeping in their cars. Bless them, it must have been really uncomfortable! The best day was a day trip to the Isles of Scilly - we had perfect weather conditions, the sun shone all day. It was the highlight of our holiday and one that we will always remember.

Those people working at home are actually more likely to be comfortable than the rest of

us. Surrounded by their home comforts, without the confines of company policy and social

distancing must be easier than having to face public transport and waiting for the lift to take

you to a space that simply isn’t as it was before lockdown. My daughter is quite happy

working from her spare room whilst her husband works in another room downstairs and

they seem to manage well with two young children. My brother -in-law’s company has even

paid for a lovely brand-new desk, chair and computer - everything he needs to work from


Of course, being under each other’s feet all day has caused some people’s relationships to

suffer during this difficult time on the planet. Perhaps this can be helped by trying to

understand each other and being positive rather than wallowing in negativity. It’s a perfect

opportunity to rekindle the love that was once there. Other relationships have grown much

stronger with the passing of time. Looking ahead a little, is it possible that companies wanting to save on business rates, premises, travel, petrol and parking will encourage, perhaps even insist that staff work from home?

Zoom has been my salvation; my healing and clairvoyant sessions workshops and most