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Embrace your Life with Change

There is no time to waste, embrace your life no matter how you feel about it. We are all amazing beings of powerful love and light, please recognise this within you, then you can change anything if the passion is there. You cannot find what you are needing to do by looking anywhere outside of yourself. Embracing your life and embracing change if needed is to be done by you and you alone. Sometimes people get stuck, so its time to get unstuck and embrace change within with ease and grace.

The absolutely most important thing everyone needs to do is to have compassion, caring, unconditional love, and nurture yourself. It is really not selfish or being self centred to love yourself, it is a necessity as when you love yourself then you will easily love others. This is where inner work is necessary, and inner work needs to be done alone, no one can do this for you. You may need to be alone quite often, but you will never be lonely, then you will become amazingly strong and powerful, when you let go of looking for praise or approval from anyone outside of yourself.

Everything will get better around you, especially your other relationships when you do this. This is a very hard step for many people, so meditation groups, retreats whether that be yoga retreats or simply restful retreats are a very important part of life. We are going through a major shift, called an ascension process on our planet at this time so everyone needs to be ready to embrace change if needed. You job now is to heal yourself, the light codes coming through our central sun and onto our planet can facilitate an inward journey. This may bring up emotions and feelings that you are not comfortable with, while you move through this process, but it is necessary and can be very rewarding.

Our planet earth is in fact a school of learning it is the school of learning love, so most importantly, love yourself. Embrace each day with a new breathe of life, a new beginning, a new day. Set the intent to be aware of the constant flow of your body today, and each day. Embrace a miracle of health, embrace change within, become a new you, a more loving you. Be grateful, be glad of your blessings, be happy, consider others, and work towards their best interests as well as your own. Live life in all its vibrancy, work with our universe, become the flow of life.

Only you can do this, only you can change within, only you have the power. Embracing life and changing if necessary, will help you find inner peace, abundance, be heart centred and you be able to forgive others more easily.

Love and Light,



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