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Empowerment of the divine feminine

Throughout the ages, the female energy has been suppressed. We have come a long way but there is much room for improvement.

The Divine Feminine power is about awakening to your inner self, your inner beauty; self-care; self-love; well-being is needed - take time to nurture yourself, realise your own inner beauty. The Divine Feminine energy is a motherly energy that exists in all living beings on Earth, including the earth herself, the ocean, the moon, and nature. In her truest essence she is nurturing, motherly, and affectionate. Beauty, creativity and inspiration along with peace and harmony are her qualities. There is an inherent trust in the abundance guaranteed by earth.

Intuition is a quality of the divine feminine – the ability to be fully open to receive guidance and the empowerment to honour and respect all life. She is divinely connected to Mother Earth, after all Mother Earth is a female planet and as such needs to be respected. For a very long time, Mother Earth has been raped and pillaged by the male energy. That is not to say all male energy is harmful but there are a small proportion who have not respected her. So, it is time for the Divine Feminine energy to arise. She lives with the seasons, the equinoxes, the solstices, in harmony with ‘all there is’ basking in harmony, balance, peace and calmness. The Divine Feminine is deeply connected to Earth and understands the sacredness of all life.

It is now time to embrace your sacred self, your divine feminine aspect, even if you are male. Historically, the divine masculine has presented a negative version of his true energy and light - sometimes violent and aggressive, manipulating and controlling on a mission of power and dominance. We can see this in wars - conflict and violence were played out in an attempt to gain supremacy, freedoms were stolen and replaced with control and manipulation.

In ancient times, the Divine Feminine was considered unworthy of attending meetings where men met to discuss world matters with each other, ignoring the needs of the females who tended to their families. Women had become the victim; insecure, co-dependent and forced to match the masculine shadow with her own. We learnt to play the role of victim, a dangerous and self-delusional position where we blamed others for our situations and circumstances – giving up our power to change things. We became helpless and at times pitiful – stress has become normalized. It is time to take back our power.

We need to reconnect to Mother Earth and revisit her divine feminine energy of love, strength, courage and joy. There are signs Divine Feminine energy is now re-emerging in many sections of life, she has been reflecting, learning and growing to realise the strength of her formidable powers and the benefits they offer.

Allow Mother Earth to help you with your life. The practise of meditation and yoga bring divine balance and equilibrium as well as relaxation, inner guidance, inner peace, creative energy and imagination. Being able to be fully present in ‘the now’ moment, bring a feeling of wholeness and well-being.

Believe you can achieve all that you want in life and you will succeed. Nothing is too great or too small when you connect with Mother Earth’s divine feminine energy. By empowering your approach to life, you will develop your power to manifest the outcomes you want rather than manifesting what you don’t want. Fulfilling your purpose is what you are here to do and Mother Earth will support you on that path. It doesn’t mean you will not have challenges along the way, your intuition will guide you. The more gratitude you have for your life, the greater the rewards will be.

Empowerment of the Divine Feminine means:

Self-knowledge is knowledge or understanding of your own capabilities, personality, feelings, and motivations. Knowing yourself you can be ‘true to yourself’ and work to your strengths while acknowledging your weaknesses. You can live authentically by following your heart and understanding and living your purpose.

Self-love is unconditional love which means you can celebrate your gifts, abilities and achievements, you can accept your weaknesses and forgive your own and others’ mistakes.

Celebrate your life with happiness, positivity and joy - confident your path will be smooth when you connect with your Divine Feminine energy and Mother Earth, the moon, the ocean and nature. Acknowledge every cell of your being is made up of love. This love is now being activated to its full potential.

Linda Jarrett

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