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Empowerment of Universal Christ Energy

In loving ourselves and others, by forgiving all those that have hurt or harmed us we truly begin to shine, letting your divine light come through from your soul is a great achievement. Humanity is coming to a place of oneness and greatness, you do not realise how truly great you are as a person connected to this period in our evolution. We are now almost in the fifth dimension, aligning to this universe, the planets and galaxies.

As ours hearts unite as one consciousness we become more aware of the Divine Creator, the loving God/Goddess of all life. The gift of embracing others is to of solved many of your own problems, anxieties and concerns. We learn to empower, to love unconditionally and to create and shine for the betterment of humanity. When we become empowered we remember who we are, we awaken and remember that all life is precious and important.

Our journey of empowerment and love begins by loving ourselves, so its important to take time out for yourself. To read that article or book or go for that walk or join a gym to keep fit, to dance, to sing, to meditate. A heart in tune with humanity remembers that we are all indeed one enormous family of light. You must choose love instead of fear. Love over fear, unites instead of bringing division, love over fear brings joy and harmony over pain and unhappiness.

Your work to empower Universal Christ Energy is to ultimately love others and be dedicated to be of service to all humanity. It is once again that important time of year where we celebrate Christmas and the New Year. A lovely time of the year filled with giving and receiving, of sharing and caring. Your time to shine and help anyone around you in need of your love, your attention and your help.

It is indeed a time of reflection, and observing life without judgement, of being happy and not being critical, of realising life’s little pleasures and making others happy by a smile, giving a flower, and spreading happiness by laughter.

It is time to be transparent, to be honest, trust the universe to help you in all that you do, work with our universe to give you empowerment of the Universal Christ Energy. Let go of all negativity, all judgements, old programming, old mindsets, anything about you that your not happy with. Reinvent yourself with new qualities, new characteristics, be more of a loving, caring, thoughtful person in tune with all those around you, then, they will feel your happy vibes. But most importantly take time for you, when you are at peace with yourself you are far more relaxed and in a better place to help others.

Empowerment of Universal Christ Energy is yours, shine your light now.

Love and Light,

Linda. xxx

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