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Peace in todays world can be quite a challenge, we as human beings seem to think that we need to be here, be there, do this, do that and the other.

Living by our diaries, organisers and calendars, booking ourselves in for things to do, generally finding very little time for ourselves to sit, be still and gain Inner Peace or any Peace for that matter. So what are we doing? Rushing around as if there is no tomorrow. You must take time for yourself, time to be relaxed, peaceful and calm, this will bring you into balance and harmony. I know that life with all its challenges, obstacles and struggles can be difficult, but respect yourself enough to allow yourself to rest. There are many restful peaceful ways of gaining peace, for example meditation, yoga, walking, cycling, visiting the gym, having a massage, watching a movie, going on holiday.

Peace, joy, love and abundance can be yours, you can change your vibration in life from heartache to happiness, one way of finding inner peace is by forgiving everyone that has ever hurt you along the way throughout your life. Do not allow yourself to be the victim of other peoples stuff, its their stuff and not yours, so don’t allow them to affect you.

Stop rushing around and planning your days, wake up and smell the roses, think to yourself why am I here? What am I doing with my life? How can you make your life easier, and less complicated, and work towards gaining inner peace by doing less. Why make yourself unwell, stressed, tired, anxious and unhappy. Life is for living and being happy and joyful, not rushing around always trying to earn money, doing this and that so take time for you. Time to just sit, relax and be peaceful, and do whatever gives you peace and joy. Babies and children are good examples of being peaceful and relaxed, and yes I know that they do not need to work and pay bills but you can be child like if you connect with the universe as the universe can give you endless infinite possibilities making life a lot easier and more peaceful for you.

We all know the power of positive thinking, so lets practice it by being peaceful. Think of ways to bring peace into your life, this will give you health, well-being, balance and harmony. Make life easy not difficult, lifes too short to be stressed, worried, sad, or unhappy, change your life, transform your way of thinking from negative to positive, this will take you on a journey from heartache to happiness. Allow yourself to reveal your hidden gifts, be thankful, be grateful, be happy and joyful. Connect with your own Peace.

Love and Light,



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