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Free will – the power to choose

We all have to make decisions in life, to do this, that or the other. But how do we know we are making the right choice? What tools do we have to help us make those important life decisions?

When given a choice you can say either yes or no. Your childhood will have furnished you, to a certain degree, with the way you think and feel. Then your adult life will have stepped in and, depending on if you have been hurt, abused physically or mentally or controlled by someone, or anything else that may have hurt you, will paint a picture in your mind and effect the way you react and the choices you make in life. If you have been more fortunate, life may be easier and your freewill will be less complicated.

Everyone has their own individual story, but we really need to move on from the ‘story’, otherwise we can get stuck in a repetitive pattern, a repeat way of thinking. Don't allow things that hurt in the past stay with you in the present, please move on. Have the courage and strength to put the past behind you, slowly taking baby steps each and every day and seek help from professionals, family and friends. You are not alone. Those of who follow a spiritual path know that your guardian angel is with you, guiding you, loving you, helping you, every step of the way.

Not everyone you meet will cause you pain, most people are actually thoughtful, kind and very nice. How you react when you meet someone is exactly what you will get back from the Universe. It’s always best to strive to be the best that you can, positive in all situations, even the most awkward ones. If you slip and find yourself reacting negatively, take a deep breathe and start again, clear your head and breathe.

Meditate if you can as this is an excellent way of helping you make choices. Meditation helps you to feel happier and more relaxed, and helps your mind to be positive and focused. How we think, feel and react depends on how we perceive things. Meditation can bring about very positive changes, it requires the meditator to use both sides of the brain at the same time. Practising meditation can help you to become calm, focused, inspirational, understanding and self-confident as it alters your brainwaves, thereby helping you to make choices and use your freewill. It is pleasing to see more meditation being introduced in schools and the workplace these days. As a meditation teacher I always notice the difference in students who begin to practise regularly. They are more peaceful, calm and happier in life. Try to practice ten minutes at first then increase to thirty and then however long you have time for, you will notice the difference in yourself.

Freewill can have different meanings for each person. Spiritual growth does not happen overnight, it takes time to develop and usually happens gradually. It certainly helps to sit in a meditation group or spiritual group with other likeminded people and it is important to find the right group for you. Eventually you learn to be able to ‘just be’ and ‘live in the moment’ - it is an incredible feeling. To be able to trust, surrender and accept that God’s plan is the right one for you, that your role is to serve God/Goddess and go wherever, or do whatever, God/Goddess wishes you to do working totally within the universal laws of our universe. If this is the way you live, I congratulate you. It takes time and practice to get to this stage and for most people this is difficult, the need to work and earn money and deal with the practicalities of life, can take priority for some.

Prayer can help enormously when using your freewill. God/Goddess and the Angels/Archangels, as messengers of God, will always listen and carry your prayers to God/Goddess. At the end of the day it’s your decision, God will not make choices for you, but if you ‘listen’ closely he will guide you to make your own choice - we are responsible for ourselves. We are all here together, learning, experiencing, living life the best way we know how.

Sometimes God/Goddess will guide us to people who can teach us a lesson or help us come to a decision. Occassionally, a dream can remind us something that has happened in the past, to help us make a choice.

Meditation, contemplation and prayer will all help you with freewill, but most importantly trust yourself to make the right decision at the right time.

Trust Surrender and Accept with a grateful heart.

Human beings are the best amongst creation, we can think and experience our own journey across time, armed with the sword of truth and the shield of protection. You must use this precious opportunity to transform yourself to become Divine – that is your destiny, the plan and purpose of your being.

Love and Light

Linda Jarrett

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