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Finding Inner Peace sounds easy but it can be difficult as the days seem shorter because time has speeded up and life seems more complicated than it used to be, and this can cause much stress. So simplify your life, make things easy, and take one day at a time, as simplifying your life will create inner peace and harmony.

Have acceptance of others, their behaviour, their views, their looks, as this will give you inner peace and calm instead of anger and resentment. When you accept other people for who they are then you will feel a stillness inside of you. This does not mean give up or put up with, but know that you will be able to change any situation by your calm approach. Getting stressed does us no good at all, so why do it in the first place all it does is make us emotional and irrational. You cannot change those around you but you certainly can change yourself so start by loving yourself. Let go of the past, old patterning, old ways of thinking, old programming, and start to be your authentic self, the real you.

Forgive others as forgiving others is very important as you cannot move forward if you are always living in the past, equally do not live in the future either. When you forgive others its make it so much easier to forgive yourself for what you did or did not do last year or many years ago. Try to live from day to day in a calm grounded way. Do not give way to distractions, keep to what you had originally planned for that day that way you will feel as if you have made progress and achieved something. So live in the present moment, live Now.

Enjoy life make it pleasurable, do what you enjoy doing, whether that’s yoga, going to the gym, singing in a choir, drawing, painting, meditating, going for a walk in nature, visiting a family member or neighbour or anything else that you enjoy, do it as this will give immense pleasure. Take time for you,time to love yourself. Do not do anything in a hurry, be still, be quiet, be calm. Be happy, do not do things that make you sad, or if you need to do something sad see the good in the sadness and lift up your spirits by thinking positive thoughts.

Inner Peace or inner calmness refers to a state of being mentally and spiritually. Inner Peace brings serenity, calmness, balance, harmony and stillness of mind. You will be stress free, if you live life simply, accept, forgive, enjoy life and to keep you in this frame of mind meditate or go for a walk in nature.

So - bring towards you Inner Peace and Love Yourself always.

Love and Light

Linda xxx

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