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Joys of Living in Love

Life is not just a journey that originates from being born as a baby to when we depart this lovely planet. But an on going series of experiences which are consequences of actions initiated by us in the past. We are given opportunites to bring into our life actions that will determine our experiences in the future. Through these experiences and consequences we can transform ourself. We learn that life is precious and that life also can be very challenging at times! It is important to live by your own principles, as principles start as thoughts, your thoughts and principles then become your truth. If you work with the universe then you are working with the principle of universal love and this will give you peace, harmony and joy.

Living in joy and love means you do not get annoyed with what life throws at you, whether you think this is right or wrong, you will get what the universe thinks you deserve. Your past catches up with you at some point in your life, stay away from anger, it hurts only you. You know the old saying what you give out you get back well that’s true. So always come from a place of principles and universal love, never be afraid to speak your truth as long as you do this with love and friendship, then you will achieve harmony, peace and joy.

Live this moment with a smile let it bring joy, happiness and love. Every test in life can make us bitter or better, every problem can make us or break us. Rise to the occasion if something does not happen the way you want then something much better is waiting around the corner. Be happy, be cheerful, be joyous and this will lift the vibration of those around you. Do not think about the past as this can bring tears, do not think about the future as this can bring fear. Only live now today this moment.

I have channelled 144 Temples of Goldenlight, these are temples that are in the etheric of mother earth. Across the USA there are 20 temples across Australia there are 5 temples and the UK 5 temples plus another 114 all around placed the globe. These temples connect to the goddess energy and rainbow angels and high beings of light the ascended masters. When I say etheric that is the same as energy centres within your body system, your chakras are placed in your etheric body or some people call them energy centres. The earth has the same energy within her, so in her etheric are many temples of goldenlight all connecting to sourcelight. You can visit these beautiful temples in your sleepstate or through meditation to ask for healing, peace, harmony, happiness and joy. The temples will help you find the Joys of Living in Love.

Love and Light,

Linda xxx

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