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You may wonder why I have chosen this theme but I feel its important as human beings to love everyone whether you can of course is a different matter! It takes practice to not be annoyed or irritated by other peoples behaviour, opinions or circumstances but trust me its well worth the wait. The main reason we are born on to this planet is to learn about love, that is the reason why we are here. But to some people its very difficult, well to most people its difficult, but once you have mastered this quality then you will find your inner peace.

Love is the key to humanity, once we learn this important fact, how different do you think living on this planet will be? No more worries, anxieties, fear, anger, jealousy or resentment just love, happiness, joy, contentment and peace. I'm not saying go along with everyone or everything, because there are times when you need to speak your own divine truth, and times when you need to make unpleasant decisions all I'm saying is do it with love and compassion. There is a different energy behind words and actions when you do everything from the point of love. Life becomes easier, less complicated when you do things for other people instead of always yourself, if its difficult then you are making it difficult, so simplify your life and put boundaries in place. Set boundaries so people know and respect you for the person you truly are.

While you maybe spending more time indoors because of the cold or heat depending on where you live around the world, think about how you would like to be treated yourself? We really do need to treat others how we would like to be treated ourselves but always with kindness, love and grace. This starts from childhood if you were treated unkindly then that’s all you will know and you may treat others others the same way. If this is the case then please change that pattern consciously, as we as human beings are very good at getting stuck in patterns, and sometimes we can go around and around in circles doing the same things and thinking the same thoughts and getting stuck in patterns. So break the pattern by talking to yourself or by writing notes, or by singing to yourself but make the change now.

All we need is love sung by the Beatles back in the sixties, was amazing and actually never a true word has been spoken. And if you think about it all songs are generally written about love, so practice loving yourself first and then you will find it easy to love others. Try it today, tomorrow, or next week and see for yourself. Do love, be love, think love.

Love and Light,

Linda xxx

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