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I know it may appear to be difficult for some to understand but we are all manifestations of love in various forms. We just need to find the love energy, deep within ourselves and in order to find this love energy we need to learn how to look inside ourselves. What does love really mean to you? We all think differently, what one person perceives as love can be very different from another. So what is love? How can you love?

Love is your own perception, but to be love you must first feel love inside of you. I sometimes see people as children because seeing people as children, as a mother of three grown up children myself helps me to relate to other people. People come to see me in the UK as I am a practicing healer, so I see the vulnerable side of people. I understand the challenges that people face in life, and I know that it can be tough for some. We are here living on planet earth to experience the darkness as this experience brings us truly into the light and gives us a desire to help others. Experience of life is how we learn the quickest.

See everything in your life through the eyes of love, and with compassion as this will help you a hundred per cent to be able to truly love yourself. The more you love yourself the more love you will feel inside of you, so do yourself a favour and make time for what you want in life and learn to be happy. Take that holiday that you have been talking about, or learn to dance, just simply do whatever your dream is. Stop talking about it and become your wish your dream, this will help you to be fulfilled and to be happy, you will then begin to live from your heart centre. When you start working from your heart centre, you will feel love.

To help you feel love try meditation is a wonderful form of relaxation as when you meditate the healing cells called endorphins are released into your body and can heal any part of your body and mind. So make time to heal and love yourself by meditating. This practice will also help you to raise your vibration and become more spiritual. Sometimes people can have a problem meditating on their own, so join a mediation group near where you live. Clearly it needs to be the right meditation group for you.

We all have journeyed along a pathway that may have been difficult, we all have our own story to tell. But we do not need to hold on to it, so please Let It Go. Forgive and Forget and move on.

Be Love, Think Love, Do Love, this will help you to feel much better about yourself.

Love and Light,



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