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Power of Love

The message this month is to love and be loved in return. What you give out you get back, but not always how you think, love does always come back to us, the universe will make sure of that, but it comes back sometimes in unexpected ways.

Do love, be love, think love, have no expectations.

This is the time of the year that we will celebrate Easter, so let this time be a time of forgiving all those that have hurt you. In order to forgive others you must forgive yourself first, in order to forgive yourself, you must learn to love yourself and then you will love others easily, and forgive them. Trust, Surrender, Accept all that has happened to you, with a joyful heart, in this lifetime. I ask you to forgive anyone and everyone that has hurt you. You will be amazed at the love that you receive from your soul when you do this. This small act can be very powerful.

There is only one thing to do with love and that is to give it. For-giveness is about giving love instead of withholding it. When we keep our hearts closed we hold on to past hurt, anger or resentment. These are perceived emotions, and we seem to like to hold onto this negative energy. So the answer is to open your heart and give love. It is so simple and yet so difficult. But it will open so many doorways to self love, self respect, self worth, freedom, creativity, and health. The Christ Consciousness is a level of awareness where you no longer see error in any action that you do or in any human being but see only the beauty and perfection in all things and people.

Love consciousness energy does not judge, criticize, or react to negative energy. It is all about, happiness, joy, love, and the ability to express oneself with honesty and integrity and also to live in divine truth.

You will know when you are there, when you can smile at every human being, without passing a judgement. When you can look in another eyes and truly give love for the sake of love. Try to love in your everyday life, be grateful for small acts of kindness, whether this be a few words of comfort or an act of physical kindness. We are all one consciousness, we have all at some time sat under the moon, the stars, and the sun, we are all human brings living on this planet at this time, so let us celebrate this unity, this oneness. Let us work together in friendship, in love and caring, and sharing. Please see the beauty that exists in others. Love those around you, Do love, Be love, Think love always.

Shine your inner light.

Linda xxx

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