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Raise Your Vibration

We all know how important our senses are in creating our mood and wellbeing that’s why Linda Jarrett has created The Temple of Golden Light Affirmation Creams for Well Being.

Each cream is powerfully created using aromatherapy oils, to help connect you to your own healing experience through the Temple of Golden Light. Combined with guided meditations together they create a holistic experience, and help you raise your vibration, increasing upliftment through your senses. There are 144 Temples of Golden Light, Awaken, Shift and Love Yourself. (Available in Paperback and eBook. To purchase visit:

All the temples are sacred and connect to source, they are also surrounded by the Rainbow Angels who are able to help you clear all chakras.

To accompany the special Affirmation Creams, you can now combine this with a guided meditation CD or MP3 to connect you to your own personal place of love and harmony. Linda created her beautiful guided meditations with the beautiful sound healing music of Shirlie Roden.

To purchase visit my shop

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