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A sense of responsibility is something that either you are born with or acquire in life.

It means to be reliable, to carry out something you agree to do, to not let people down, to take ownership of your life. It allows people to trust you.

Personally, I feel guilty if I don’t do something I say I will do. This is particularly important for children, letting them down causes them to lose faith in you and teaches them to do the same to other people. It’s important to explain responsibility to a child and explain its importance.

It’s a question of doing the right thing; making every move and decision your own; doing things that will not harm others.

What does responsibility mean to you?

The Law of Karma

We all need to be answerable for our own actions and words. The Law of Karma (what goes around comes around) is very true. The guaranteed result of consistently letting others down will, at some point, will be rewarded by the same treatment from others’ actions, deeds or words.

People who don’t understand Karma wonder why they find themselves in situations or circumstances beyond their control, wondering why someone treated them the way that they did. It’s all Karmic cause and effect. Sometimes these situations can be very hurtful but they are necessary for us to ‘balance our karmic account’. They happen to teach us to, amongst other things, to be responsible for our behaviour.

Make Plans

We need to take care of our own affairs and where possible, not be reliant on others doing things for us. It can take strength and courage and needs to be done rationally rather than emotionally. A good example is planning your own funeral to save your family the trouble. I know this will be a challenge for me when it is time to leave this beautiful planet.

Keep Promises

We should always try to keep promises to other people and not procrastinate. Do it today, do their garden, go for their shopping, take them to the seaside. If you aren’t sure you can deliver, don’t make the promise.

Take Ownership

Beyond childhood, your life is your own responsibility, no one can live it for you. You are in charge. No matter how hard you try to blame others when things go wrong, remember that you played a part in so many of them. Try to avoid blaming, complaining and holding grudges. Refuse to take anything personally, live in the present moment, use the power of intention, feel calm and confident, and strive for happiness, peace and contentment instead. Accept the things that came your way that may have been difficult or painful and recognise the lessons you learnt. These situations were for your greater good.

When you make a mistake, or let someone down (knowingly or otherwise) hold your hands up and confess, apologise, and then forgive yourself for being human. None of us are perfect, we are here to learn, we have a responsibility to be kind to ourselves as well as others.

Don’t be afraid to point out, kindly, if someone else makes a mistake that affects your life. For example, a builder makes a mistake on your new extension – they need to know, they need to make amends but always do it with kindness.

Fulfil your Duty

If your role in life means you manage other people; have deadlines to meet; decisions to make, do it with integrity, compassion, honesty, discipline and fairness. We need to have moral, legal and mental accountability reliability and trustworthiness. There will always perhaps be people that neglect their responsibilities but in time they will learn, like we all do.


Remember to hold those less fortunate in good grace, treat people (and animals) with love, courtesy and respect. If you can help them without damaging yourself, do so. The more love you give, the more you receive so give it in abundance and watch it flow straight back to you.

by Linda Jarrett

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