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To step into your own power can be difficult for most people, this is not something that we are taught or made aware of as young children. In fact usually as children we are disempowered having to do whatever our parents, carers or teachers wanted us to do at that time. Then we attend high school, college or university, still with people telling us what we should do and believe in. Okay this made be right for us on one level but is this really helping and fulfilling ourselves on other levels, emotionally.

We can get knocked in life, due to situations and circumstances beyond our control, and we sometimes loose qualities of lack of self worth, self esteem, self confidence, all the negative lack of self qualities then surface. People can reach rock bottom, finding themselves on the floor so to speak. But there is always hope, God never leaves you alone to suffer, an angel will always appear. There are many earth angels that will appear to help you, sometimes people that are not spiritual. But people that love other human beings, people without religious beliefs, without any judgement or criticism. Earth angels are people that care about you, your well-being.

You then begin to build your life, to see that life is worth living, you start to gain control to empower yourself, to feel confident, to have self esteem, to have self worth and all the good positive qualities start to appear. Now you can do this by attending courses, by meditating, by reading or by seeing a counsellor and these sometimes help. The focus needs to be on you, to gain good qualities.

Believe that your thoughts create your reality, change your thoughts and this changes your reality as the universe listens. Help yourself and use positive affirmations daily, you can say to yourself, I am abundant, I am balanced, I am heart centred, I feel inner peace, I see with clarity, I forgive, I am self confident, I manifest, I feel harmony, I am joy, I believe, I feel tranquillity, I am grounded, I am magical, I unblock and release all fears, I feel enlightened, and I am empowered. You can empower yourself by the choices you make, it is always easier to be positive rather than negative, why make it difficult!

Love your life and other people, loving others can be empowering, be in control of your choices, your actions, your words, and mostly be in control of your thoughts. Always try to be positive and constructive, have courage of your convictions, speak with integrity and be true to you. Always remembering to empower yourself by loving yourself first, that’s not being selfish, but take time to nourish and empower yourself, this will help you in all ways.

Love and Light,



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