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Ground into Mother Earth with your golden roots and wrap around two crystals of your choice. Begin to feel Mother Earths loving energy flowing up into your feet, bathing, soothing your whole body with love and healing energy.

The Spring or Vernal equinox occurs in the northern hemisphere on March 20th this year 2019. Marking the end of winter, the equinox is indicated by the equal length of day and night all over the world. Trees and plants begin new cycles of growth. Butterflies abound, bringing awareness of the birds singing their songs.. Spring equinox, is today now this evening, what actually happens is the earths axis is always tilted at an angle of about 23.5 but on the two equinoxes, the tilt of the earth s axis is neither pointing away from nor towards the Sun. Spring is all about new beginnings, the triumph of light over dark, planting new seeds to grow and spout forth, planning new adventures, stepping out in faith for new dreams to come to fruition in positivity. You may experience new life changes, new relationships, new babies being born, new horizons being fulfilled.

I now call on White Buffalo Calf Woman and all our Native American Guides, as we connect to the Temple of golden Light in the etheric of Minneapolis, Minnesota USA. A Native American Indian Lady called White Buffalo Calf Woman oversees this Temple of Golden Light. Here the Native American Indian and Christ energy become one. The legend of White Buffalo Calf Woman tells how the people had lost the ability to communicate with the creator. The creator sent the sacred White Buffalo Calf Woman to teach people how to pray with a pipe, called the peace pipe, with that pipe, seven sacred ceremonies were given for the people to abide by in order to ensure a future with harmony, peace and balance.

Sacred ceremonies are held here to honour the Equinoxes and Solstices. Other ceremonies include, the Sweat Lodge for purification, the Naming Ceremony for Children, the Healing Ceremony to restore health to mind, body and spirit, the marriage Ceremony for uniting male and female. Also the Vision Quest for communing with the creator for direction and answers to one,s life and the Sun Dance Ceremony to pray for the well-being of all people. White Buffalo Calf Woman represents Mother Earth's love. Now step Inside this temple it is a huge healing sanctuary, with a massive rose quartz crystal. You may also become aware of your own Native Indian Guide, or Chief Scarlet Cloud, sometimes known as Chief Red Cloud, we well as the Sioux Tribe and tee-pees.

This is a medium-sized temple where differences are solved and where oneness is recognised. I would like you to think of any negativity as you to connect with your heart and ask what doesn't serve you anymore. White Buffalo Calf Woman and the Native American Guides to the temples as well as your own guides will help us let go of the past, to let go of old wounds, old energies of any weight of the past, old relationships, betrayals, any pain inflicted by others, wounds, fears, anger, resentment, or anything else that you want to release. Please be clear on what you ask for.

Allow the energy of the Goddess to merge with you, as all energy is released to the White Light of the Goddess and as we ask for a blessing on all who inhabit our beautiful planet.

As we celebrate this Spring Equinox, there is beauty in the potential of what can be when we allow ourselves to have hope for the future. A resurrection of what went below the earth at the Winter Solstice, the energy of all things that grow, is now anticipated as new life springs forth in nature as we enter the Spring Equinox, allow yourself to leave the Temple of Golden Light over lit by White Buffalo Calf Woman.

Imagine yourself now standing in a field in nature, the sun is rising in the sky, you breathe in the fresh air, ask for clarity for your dreams, ask for your abundance, ask to manifest what you need for your dreams, goals and wishes. Choose a word of what you want to draw into your life, Light, Love, Peace, Compassion, Divine, Joy. Your power animal may join you at this point giving you strength and courage if needed. Take a look who is your power animal and what do they look like? Maybe a lion, tiger, golden eagle, a elephant, a panther, a dolphin, or any other lovely animal, take a moment to connect telepathically and ask to receive a message of hope.

Allow yourself to be thankful and grateful for all that you have, be thankful for your blessings and more will come.

Now lets ask for healing light to encircle the earth as this part of the earth the northern hemisphere is now into springtime and the southern hemisphere is now into autumn. Set your intentions for this coming year, be clear of your intentions, hold the vision and ask for what you want, now lets send healing to everyone you know who needs healing whether that's physical, mentally, or emotionally, any friends, family or animals, ask that they may be healed and held in healing light.

Send healing around the world joined by our wonderful Earth Guides, Ascended Masters and Angels, Archangels and Star Beings of Love and Light.

Now start to return to your body, bringing Presence into your Beingness, be here, be now in this moment.

Love and Light,



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