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Most of us are very good at ‘putting things off’ until the very last moment; paying bills; going to the dentist; getting out of bed. ‘With never-ending lists to complete, we tend to procrastinate on anything difficult, awkward or uncomfortable. So often we hear ourselves saying ‘there just isn’t enough time!’ With so many distractions in this modern world: social media; TV, mobile phones; marketing campaigns; radio and even gossip, it is no wonder we are left overwhelmed with the amount of information we digest in one day. The mind literally boggles! Of course, all of this can lead to feelings of anxiousness and tiredness. It does no good to be awake at 2am watching a box-set when you have an appointment the following morning.

We Need to Make Changes

It is obvious we need to make time to be kind to ourselves; to honour the mind; the body and perhaps most importantly the soul but in a world that places such demands on us, how do we actually manage that? Being mindful of your mood at any one time is a good place to start. When feeling sad, try and concentrate on something joyful. When feeling lethargic, make a list of chores you need to do and tackle them, if surrounded by angst, go somewhere that helps calm you (even if it is only the bathroom). The important thing is to be mindful of where you are, what you are doing and how you are feeling and if it doesn’t resonate with your higher good, do something to change it.

Make a Wish List

Most of you, I am sure, have things you would like to experience in life. In September 2019, I ticked a visit to Macchu Pi - chu off my wish list and went on the adventure of a lifetime. Having put if off for a few years, I confess I did get a little tired in the evenings, but I thoroughly enjoyed the trip and am so grateful for the experience.

Make the Effort

Years ago, my lovely neighbour lost her husband to a battle with cancer. When I visited her to pay my respects she said “I wish we had spent more time together, done the things we enjoyed. I wish we had gone on more holidays together. I would never have ’put things off’ if had I known my husband was going to die so young.” So, make a ‘tick list’ and try to tick off as many things as you can.

Accepting our Mortality

No-one knows when it will be their time to leave this life and move on to the soul’s next adventure so we should not take the future for granted. Each day should be an adventure, filled with magic and wonder. We should always stop to smell the roses instead of worrying the thorns may prick you.


Make the most of the time with your family and friends and always be pleasant to your neighbours and acquaintances. This goes a long way to being peaceful and avoids regret and disappointment. We all trundle along, thinking we have forever to put things right but often things don’t get done and we run out of time. You never know what you had until it is gone is an old and very wise phrase. Losing someone amidst unresolved differences (I’ll do it next week, I can’t be bothered, why should I?) can be so painful. It is too late when they have gone, and the regret and guilt can be difficult to live with. What a waste of time! And love! And negative energy! We really need to address this and stop wasting time.

Be Determined

Whatever you need to do, may I suggest you start a plan to do it now? I faced many challenges during the six years it took to write my book The Temples of the Golden Light, it is about 144 temples placed etherically, around the globe. The whole process was a journey for me, but I never once thought I was going to give in. I always pray and meditate to the Universe for good health, without it, we can become quite limited. Luckily, these days we are all living longer, but even so, we can’t take a moment for granted. Take a look at your tick list and book that holiday; change that job; change that car; move home; change a relationship. Review your life and see what is it that needs changing -stop procrastinating; stop working out how much it might cost.

Stop putting things off.

Love and Light,



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