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The Difficulty with Truth

So, who’s telling the truth? Your truth. My truth. Their truth.

Deciding what is true is a very difficult thing to do – your truth, my truth, their truth – what actually is the truth? How do we decide?

When facing heartbreak or grief, we have to be honest with ourselves and realise our position in a situation that is deeply unpleasant. It can be a time of great learning and an awakening. The truth is always just below the surface and being vulnerable can often bring resolution to difficult circumstances. The subconscious truth buried deep inside us, not always knowingly, within the dark recesses of our subconscious mind. It lingers, and sometimes hinders our ability to face our truth. Times of trauma and deep pain can be help for years, even lifetimes, without our ever being aware of the cause.

When someone has ‘bottled up’ the experience of a real trauma when they were young, something that was so wrong, or that they didn’t realise was wrong, that they were unable to process it emotionally. When the right moment arrives, life will remind us of the issues we still have to deal with, this can be triggered by a change in job/home/relationship/health condition and although we tend to resist the truth, it more often than not is nowhere near as painful as we expected. It can also be incredibly liberating to accept the past and realise that is where the pain belongs. You can leave it there, peacefully and move on with a lighter load.

Having a faith, trusting in the Universe, really helps us to face ‘the truth’.

Just recently a lady in my extended family who has little spiritual understanding had a mental breakdown and has been suicidal. Something traumatic happened in her childhood, involving her stepbrother. It has never been dealt with; no counselling, support or healing for such a long time and eventually the situation has imploded. She has so much anger about this and a few other issues and without real support, I fear her recovery will be a long road. Having to face the truth, perhaps even report the truth and forgive the past will be an arduous task. All we, her family can offer is a supportive hug, a physical reassurance that we are here to offer love and support whilst she gets stronger.

I believe the secret lies in first knowing your own truth, understanding your place in the world and accepting it for what it is. Being able to know, speak and stand your truth is precious in a world of lies and deceit. It takes some spiritual effort to feel comfortable with all aspects of your being; your mind, body and soul. Some people find strength in connecting with Archangel Michael who helps those who ‘call upon’ him to help them speak their own truth, as sometimes it is difficult for some to speak up without help from another person or energy.


Children are sometimes uncomfortable telling the truth for fear of being told off by their parents or being ostracised by their peers. It is natural for a child to speak without filters because they are yet to understand the consequences of their words but in a world fraught with expectations and demanding life conditioning for them and their parents, there are those who already think twice before speaking and choose to hold on to things that are happening at school etc. it is imperative that we allow our children to speak their truth, always.

Without truth we are lost as humans - where would we be without the truth?

To live in an environment of mistrust, constantly on guard against those around us is not the way forward. We need to understand, accept and perhaps most importantly teach our youngsters that ‘speaking your truth’ is always the right thing to do.

Living in truth is an easier way to live, it allows us to live in ‘the moment’ and our energies to flow naturally and healthier. Of course, that means we are speaking our own truth and it is vital to realise that we also have to respect others’ truth. What is right for you is right for you but it doesn’t mean it is right for everyone else.

Always be careful and respectful when you speak your truth and when you do it.

Love and Light,

Linda xxx

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