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Trust and Love the Universe, you have chosen to be born now at this very special time of our Earths cycle of changes. Mother Earth is raising her vibration and aligning to the rest of the universe, we are now in the 5th dimension.

There are many special souls that have chosen to incarnate now to help earth, the crystal children, rainbow children, and diamond children. I also believe certain Angels and Ascended Masters have chosen to live now to help our planet through this huge shift. We are here to help Mother Earth, we are her children we need to be positive and give to earth qualities of love, respect, honour, peace, happiness and joy. Love creates the space for miracles, and heals all wounds, and purifies all lower energies. She has had to put up with so much negativity and unrest, but not for much longer. We are awakening to love and light.

If you connect with earth through meditation or set the intention to connect with her, she will definitely look after you as she connects to our wonderful universe and then the universe will look after you. After all mother earth looks after nature, the cycle of flowers, all plants, bushes and trees, vegetables and fruits, she will look after you too. You simply need to allow her into your life and trust her, this will help you to trust the universe. She will help you to Let Go anger, resentment, pain, jealousy and self pity on so many levels.

Mother Earth will help you to find your dream, and heal you. Just let go and wait and see what happens. After all we are all one and connected to each other on a soul level. We may not agree on things at times, but remember we are human beings and this is something people sometimes forget. Come from a point of love within your heart that says, ok I do not agree with you but I can hug you with a loving heart. If people want to gossip about you that’s their problem, if they misunderstand you that’s their problem, if they judge you that’s their problem, if they blame you that’s their problem. Their opinions are definitely not your problem. Remember the law of karma what goes around comes around, an easy way to learn lessons in life, don’t you think?

Once you hug someone you are displaying love and letting them know you care. But do not attach to other peoples stuff that’s their journey. Do not undervalue yourself no matter what others say or do. Keep your head held high, walk your talk in truth and love. Shine your light and beauty as you connect with your inner radiance. Be one with mother earth, trust and love the universe.

Love and Light,

Linda xxx

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