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Bare your Soul in Truth and Honesty

(As published in Soul and Spirit April 2018)


It takes real soul work to bare your soul in truth and honesty, and to let the light shine from your heart, so put all your fears to one side, release and let them go now, be strong and stand in your own power. Always believe something wonderful is about to happen and in order to find the real you inside, something wonderful will always happen, when the time is right.

Appreciate all that has happened to you with a joyful heart, knowing that this was your pathway in life. Your journey is personal and unique to you, every one’s pathway is different, some people choose really difficult lives, and this takes a lot of courage and strength to get through. But in order to get back to Source/God you need to realise your own feelings and thoughts, then you will understand others.

Everything happens for a reason, trust the universe to guide you and steer you in the right direction, to help you realise your true happiness, and be peaceful as this will give you health and happiness. Always remember if sunshine comes after rain, the most beautiful smile comes after tears. Sometimes we need to come to terms with ourselves and our life, we need to question ourselves, are we doing the right thing, are we treating other people with respect, are we achieving our goals, our desires, are we being honest and truthful, right now this moment.

It’s time for reflection and change within, life is a balance of holding on and at the same time letting go of that which you no longer need or want and people naturally do not like to change.  So what is it you need to do, to change within, how can you bare your soul in truth and honesty. You need to stop living a lie, that’s the first thing that you do and be honest with yourself, try to find the real you, the authentic you. Do not pretend that you are someone that you are not, real people will prefer the real you. Make the change that you have been thinking of doing, speak your truth, time to be different and embrace change within.

Its not easy to be honest with yourself, to bare your soul to realise that your life needs to change, in fact it takes a good deal of courage, strength, intergrity and determination, but there comes a time when it needs to be done. Sometimes life gives us a shock or a push, a nudge in another direction, and we need to be ready to take a leap of faith, the choice is yours as always. So get ready to bare your soul in truth and honesty and make the change.

Love and Golden Light

Linda x

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