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Clearing Out Old... Making Way for New Energy

Too often we can become immersed in old emotional stuff, old ways of thinking, old patterns, old programming and old mindsets that no longer serve us – our old habits really need to go.

The growing number of people suffering from addiction to some substance – be it tobacco, sugar, food, alcohol or drugs is a heavy burden on society and begs the question, does it have to get this bad before it gets better? Why is this happening? Why are people turning to these substances? Is it because they are lonely, or lacking in self-worth or lacking in self-confidence, or simply frightened of their own magnificence and power?

Have we become too brainwashed by television or as I call it tel-u-vision? Are we too brainwashed by powerful marketing campaigns or spending far too much time in cyber world trawling endlessly through social media? We must see through the illusion that has been created by very powerful forces on our planet. We need to become aware and work together as one huge family, one collective, one consciousness.

It’s time for great change. It is time for every one of us to wake up and ‘own’ our power. We need to become empowered and stand in our own truth, working together with a common purpose.

Our world, planet earth, is evolving and we must change with her. Humanity has moved from the 3rd Dimension but it will take another two hundred years before we are fully integrated in the 5th Dimension. Many things will need to happen to establish this integration and we need to be ready and willing to accept those changes.

One way to begin is to have a good clear out. Throw out the old and make way for the new; de-clutter your home - clear your wardrobe of clothes you no longer wear and your home of anything that doesn’t serve a purpose. Take it all to a charity shop and feel good knowing someone else will appreciate your old belongings.

Throw or give away, or give away anything that that isn’t used, worn or needed; old photos, old objects, old jewellery are lovely to have around you, but not if they remind you of times you would rather forget. Letting the physical reminders go and the memories might not hurt so much! Ask yourself; ‘What am I holding onto? What drains your energy? What makes you feel sad? If it doesn’t bring happiness or joy throw or give it away. You will feel such a sense of achievement and lightness when you have removed all of that unwanted clutter and just think of the space you will have!

Inner peace will be so much easier to achieve once you have let go of that negativity and made space for positive thoughts to become a natural part of your day.

Clearing out the old and making way for the new often draws us towards new friends, new hobbies, new relationships, new places of work and perhaps even a new home. We find a new sense of energy, a sense of well-being, a sense of being positive and revitalised, renewed and re-energised. In turn, this gives us a sense of self- worth and aids our self-esteem - big time!

Treading new ground is always good for spiritual growth so never be afraid to try anything new. Embrace the thought of new friends, new hobbies and begin to build a new, vibrant and rewarding life for yourself.

Our beautiful planet Earth is lifting her vibration right now and we in turn are lifting our vibration to match her enormous shift. This is such an important time to be alive and to be a part of this transition.

Recognise how lucky you are to be here on Mother Earth at this time. Consider the reality of reincarnation and the truth of all those lives we have sat under the moon, the stars the sun, the mountains and oceans. Feel deep gratitude for the many lives we have spent playing different roles in the drama of life and recognise it is now time to help Mother Earth make her transition – treat her gently and with respect, help her shine her light.

Love and Light,



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