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Goddess of Abundance Mother Nature

It a little sad to think that abundance these days means money to so many people but its true. We live on a beautiful planet, and its very important to make the most of nature. Our planet is abundant with trees, flowers, bushes, and plants of all descriptions. We have oceans, rivers, lakes, and mountains all playing a part of mother earths energy. Mother earths abundance is mother nature, in her all encompassing beauty.

We need to listen to mother nature with her changing four seasons including summer and winter, the seasons are great teachers to us, as she as she opens up and closes down. In summer we have carefree days, bathing in warm sunshine, living in the moment, then we have winter a time of reflection, a time of slowing down. We have complete trust in her, so why not have complete trust in ourselves? If you plant flowers for example daffodils, the bulbs will yield flowers that will return to blossom each and every year, much like our souls.

Mother nature is truly abundant, continually showering us with gifts of her beauty, all she asks of us is to respect, love and care for her in the same way that we would like someone to respect, love and care for us. It is a responsibility to love the beauty we have around us, to be a guardian of this planet, it is our duty to be respectful of mother nature. Sometimes she shows us her strength, as she can cause earthquakes, floods, tsunamis and so forth. We may think we are in control but actually we are not, she is the one in charge.

The need/greed for abundance can come from our insecurities and personal lack of prosperity or what we think is prosperity?  The illusion that the grass is greener on the other side, giving us the idea that its important to have money and possessions and that this makes us happy is untrue. Far from it, sometimes its the people with not much money that are the happiest and most contented people. Happiness is a state of mind, if you are happy and work from your heart then that’s the very best you can be. Its important to find a balance between work and play, to find time for yourself doing what you enjoy and find relaxing.

So take some time to walk, cycle, or run appreciating mother nature and all that she has to offer you. Touch the trees, smell the roses and breathe in the fresh air all around you and get that good to be alive feeling. Do not worry about money as when you connect to the universe you will get exactly what you need and always at the right time.

Love and Light,



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