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Journey of Love and Magic

Published by Sibyl Magazine/March 1st 2018

It is time for everyone on our beautiful planet to wake up and shift energetically, its time to love yourself and others. Gone should be the days of conflict, negativity, poverty, unhappiness and so many other negative happenings. So be mindful, be grateful, be positive, be true, and be kind to yourself. Walk daily in nature this will bring inner peace, balance and harmony into your life.

No matter what has happened to you, try to forgive and love yourself and others. I know everyone has their own story but you really do not need to be living through it over and over again, its happened now let it go please. You need to be moving through and getting past your story and finding yourself in a much happier, healthier, safer, and loving place.

Take time to watch children play, and learn how they believe in magic and having magical days. When the divine spark of love ignites within you, and your spirit blends with the human body, magic happens. We human beings are an amazing creation, created by source from divine love and light. You can achieve anything you want to, if you be like a child and trust in the process of the universe and let go of your own self, your ego. Life then becomes magical, so think like a child and realise the wonder of our beautiful planet and our universe. Connect with the stars in the night sky, connect with mother earth and her seasons, connect with our oceans. All this can be done through meditation and contemplation or even a walk in nature, think magical.

The phrase I wish I had a magic wand is often heard amongst people. So let the magic wand be you and your human mind and body. Wave your magic wand and trust the universe to guide you through your life every day and in every way having magical wonderful days. Trust, surrender and accept everything that has happened to you and let it go now, right now as everything happens for a reason. Usually we have no idea why, except before you were born you would of agreed for whatever reason to go through that experience. But its done now so end of the experience, move on do not keep thinking about it.

Trust in the magical process of the universe in your life, you are not alone you never have been. You have your own guardian angel, who protects you, and your own spirit earth guides and sometimes these spirit earth guides can be your family members in spirit your own ancestors, here to help you. You are deeply loved and cared for far more than you will ever realise and know. So be like a child and have magical days of love.

Love and Golden Light

Linda x

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