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Keep Your Vibration Up

It can be difficult to keep our vibration up and remain connected to ‘the light’ in a world that moves at such a fast pace, it is so easy to be knocked off balance.  Daily practice of meditation, or contemplation and even a short walk in nature, helps us stay grounded and balanced, particularly when faced with stressful situations.

As ‘lightworkers’ we anchor a certain quotient of light on our beautiful planet and must be mindful of keeping our energy clean and clear. We are no use to anyone if our auric field is mucky and cluttered with other people’s imprints and negativity.

It is essential to not drop your connection with the light, but it can easily happen.

We need to be vigilant in this respect, after all, that is why you are here on this wonderful planet. Connect with the Divine Mother, fill your chakras/energy centres with golden white light, ask Archangel Michael for his protection – whatever practice feels right…

We all know where there is light, there will be darkness and of course, we are all susceptible, especially under the influence of drugs and alcohol. At this time, it is imperative that we know how to avoid and protect ourselves from the dark energies. To protect against other’s negative energy, we can imagine ourselves surrounded by a golden cloak enclosed within a golden bubble of golden light and then, wrapped around this, is a golden pyramid. It works, trust me, I know.  I’ve used this technique for years. Clear and cleanse your auric field before you place the golden cloak, golden bubble and golden pyramid around you. Do this each day and you are fully protected.

Laughter is a great healer, it lifts our vibration so well and keeps the darkness at bay so take time out to relax and enjoy a good belly laugh– no wonder comedians are so popular. Laughter yoga sessions are an excellent way of relieving tension and letting go.

We all take life too seriously. It certainly wasn’t meant to be such a burden so lighten up and have a good laugh. Sometimes I can think on and off all day about a hilarious scene in a film or something that someone has said. I seem to get the giggles about the silliest things, circumstances and situations but hey, if it lifts my vibration its all good.

We need to walk our own talk, not only in our personal practice but also in the way we speak to and treat other people. So often I hear lightworkers telling other people how to behave, to always stay positive, the rights and wrongs of living a spiritual life but boy oh boy do they always listen to their own advice?

As lightworkers we have a responsibility to use our powers of discernment and intuition very closely. If you do not resonate with someone, whether they are spiritual or not, they are clearly not the right person for you. Choosing the right teachers on our spiritual journey is so important and with so many disingenuous souls around, you really have to be careful. If it feels wrong, it definitely is – for you. Of course, it might be right for someone else, so try not to judge. Just be aware that we have to choose the steps along this path very, very carefully so trust your instinct, your intuition, your gut feeling.

Everyone on this planet is a spiritual being but some are more aware of that than others. Those with even a little awareness of our true nature know that life is about working with our amazing universe, trusting, surrendering to the divine and accepting our place in the world. Trust, surrender and acceptance – so easy to say, used so often and yet rarely practised. We need to fully understand how our Universe works to be able to put these words into action, to feel them, to honour them.

Asking the Universe for something you want, or need is an example of putting the theory to the test. You set out you request, detach from the outcome, and then allow the Universe to assist. You trust, surrender and accept the outcome, rather like a child. The outcome may not be what you expected, you may receive something much different than you asked for, but it will always, always be for your higher good.

Love and Golden Light

Linda x

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