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Since the recent and very unexpected passing of a close friend. I have found myself becoming more and more reflective. I guess losing someone without much warning does that – we start trying to put this temporal life into perspectives, don’t we?

As we all know Life can be wonderful or awful, its usually somewhere in between, and everything we experience is a learning curve. As we get older we have usually learnt to navigate our way through life’s challenges a little better. Over the years, I have learnt when I am troubled to take in 3 deep breathes and make the sound of ‘Ohm’ which calms me down immediately. Breathe in new energy and breathe out old energy and start all over again. It works, try it – I know, I've practised it a lot.

Wisdom comes from knowing how to handle lifes lessons. If we are good students the lesson can be plain sailing but if we are stubborn, or allow our egos to persuade us we are in charge, we can find ourselves in stormy seas. The Law of Attraction for example says that by telling the universe what you want, it will happen for you. The secret is to let go of your ego and trust in the universe. See life as an experience and do not detach to it.

So, by making the most of your opportunities, by looking closely and recognising when a ‘lesson’ presents itself, you can create a world of positivity and abundance. Sometimes the lessons come from our families, often in the most surprising and unexpected ways. By seeing these lessons as gifts from the Universe, we can learn to be forgiving, tolerant and patient with our ‘teachers’ and avoid much conflict and disharmony. We are all trying to live life the best way we know how, but how liberating it would be if we didn’t feel the need to be rich enough, pretty enough, trendy enough, have the right address or have a fabulous car…

Do your very best each day, try to be happy, be grateful for your blessings, be honest and have integrity.

Always remember, life is a classroom for you to learn life’s lessons. Your happiness will help to raise the vibrations of everyone around you. The most peaceful people are happy people, content with what they have in life. Why stress yourself out trying to get things that are not important. Try to get life into perspective and live according to basic qualities of kindness, compassion, understanding, consideration, patience and tolerance these qualities are priceless. Use these tools properly, one step at a time, and the universe will answer all questions and guide you to happiness and joy.

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