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Love and Gratitude

Love Life can be easy or difficult this depends on your own life experiences and how you choose to be. You can choose to be a drama queen but that does not mean you will get what you want, its more likely you won’t get what you want because along the way you will annoy people and they will want to distance themselves from you. Patience is a virtue and so is gratitude, being humble is far more of a spiritual way of being. Be grateful for everything and everyone that you meet in your life, for what you have got and not what you have not got. There is always someone whose cup is half empty and not half full, but you do not need to be like them, be different and stand out from the crowd.

Being filled with gratitude is so humbling, thank everyone for what they do and even what they don’t do and smile as smiles go a long way, be happy because life is too short. And even if you believe in re-incarnation you will only live this lifetime once as you this person right now, so why not make the most of it. The most important time of the day is when you take time to love yourself as well as those around you, if you can love yourself then loving others is much easier.

We as human beings get stuck in patterns, we can easily go around and around in circles in our minds. So take some time to breathe and enjoy life, its time to take a day out of life and smell the roses, to wake up to the joys of daily living. Life is for living and not remembering anything negative from the past or daily re-living the past. You must Let it Go as life moves along with or without you. Enjoy life and sometimes the smallest of things will make you happy and smile. The more you give out happiness and be grateful the more you will get out of life. Be a mirror reflecting happiness and gratitude back to people you meet every day.

Meditation and mindfulness can help you make the transformation into being a less stressed and much nicer person to be around, meditation helps you to be calm, giving you clarity, bringing peace, harmony, comfort and reassurance. I am a meditation teacher and have found much inspiration, insight and tranquil contemplation through meditation.

Believe in yourself, have self-confidence and trust you are in the right place and at the right time, Trust, Surrender and Accept these are also key qualities to have in your life along with Love and Gratitude.

Be Love, Think love, Do Love by this I mean always Love Yourself and then its easy to Love Others.

Love and Gratitude,

Linda x

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