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Love is... Empowering

Believe that your thoughts create your reality, change your thoughts and this changes your reality as the universe listens. Help yourself and use positive affirmations daily, you can say to yourself, I am abundant, I am balanced, I am heart centred, I feel inner peace, I see with clarity, I forgive, I am self-confident, I manifest, I feel harmony, I am joy, I believe, I feel tranquillity, I am grounded, I am magical, I unblock and release all negativity, I feel enlightened, or I am empowered. You can empower yourself by the choices you make, it is always easier to be positive rather than negative, why make life difficult!

When faced with a difficult decision, take the easiest option, as life is too short to have regrets, why self-sabotage. Unfortunately many people do this but why? We should be happy and helpful to one another as human beings but sometimes life programmes people to act differently, so in this situation, change your thoughts, change your reality and the universe listens to those with true hearts.

Love your life, love can be empowering, so be in control of your choices, your actions, and your words, and mainly be in control of your thoughts, as your thoughts will create your reality. Always try to be positive and constructive, have courage, and strength, speak with integrity and truth and be in your own power and not somebody else’s.

I was very shy when I was young, but I learnt as I grew older that its important to  stand up for what you believe to be right and speak the truth. I honestly think that if you do not speak up at certain times in your life, situations will not change. But if you love yourself enough to speak with truth and integrity then you can change your life, yourself and others around you. Be strong, be brave, be honest, be empowered with love for yourself. Do not let other people take advantage of you because you are good natured or sympathetic or kind.

Empower yourself by loving yourself first, by this I do not mean be selfish, but take time to nourish your own self before those around you, as there will always be people that take advantage of you. Its different if you are a mother then of course your children come first unless they are older children then you need boundaries to be put in place. Always love yourself first then its easier to love other people. Love is the key to life, what you give out is always mirrored back to you. Believe in yourself, believe that your thoughts create your reality, change your thoughts and this will change your reality.  When love empowers you the universe listens by this I mean love yourself first.

Love and Golden Light

Linda x

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