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Love Your Life

I know this can be difficult for some people, but in essence we are what we have

created by the choices we have made in life. Or the choices we did not make but

know that we should of made! Your life is up to or down to you! No-one else just

simply you, so no point blaming other people because it is not their fault but


So if you do not like your life then change it, no use suffering quietly and hoping

that someone else will change it for you, as usually we have to change things our

selves. Where there is a will there is always a way. If you need help then pray to

God/Goddess, Angels, Archangels, Ascended Masters or whoever you wish to. So

long as you connect with the light and love of source then ask for help, divine

guidance, strength and protection. Ask for your Abundance, just say what you

wish to use your Abundance for believe it or not we are here to be happy and

loved. Okay we sometimes need to learn lessons in life and gain experience. But

learn the lesson and move on from it do not dwell on it and get depressed and

then end up getting everyone else around you depressed too.

Move on and start to see life through positive eyes, through happiness. Make the

little things in life count because that’s where the real joy of life is, not what you

have in the way of money, possessions, or property. Learn to really love yourself

then you will be able to love everyone else and small blessings in life will mean

so much more to you. Treasure moments of peace, as this will give you a huge

amount of contentment. Balance your life with what you love to do, any hobbies

like walking, meditation, singing, painting, and dancing, use your creative nature

this will help your inner child and heal all areas of your life that may be in


Love your life, totally and completely enjoy what you do in life be proud of your

achievements. Always work with integrity, honour and love. Do not fight against

your situation or circumstances, Trust Accept and Surrender then you will go

with the flow of life, and you will find peace. After all the universe knows what

you are best at doing as the universe knows you. To help you with this,

meditation is a wonderful practice because you use both sides of your brain

your left side and right side of your brain this will balance you, helping you to let

go of any negativity and emotions. So if you are not happy please think about

changing your situation or circumstances. Make the best of your life and learn to

love yourself, and most importantly be happy.

Love and Light,

Linda. xxxx

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