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Manifesting and Creating

So much has been written and spoken about manifesting and creating, but do you really understand how it works. It took a while for me to get my head around this subject. And although you may think its easy, to just sit and ask the universe for what you would like it can be difficult for some. The secret to be able to manifest and create whatever you want is to release all those blocks in your energy system that block you and stop you from having whatever you wish.

You may have blocks around your own self-worth, or you may have low self-esteem issues or you may be holding on to many fears, and old negative thought patterns, usually your head is filled with memories from the first 7 years of your life and this shapes you into who you are now. If your parents were negative then you normally would be, so your cup would be half empty rather than half full. If your parents were positive then you would normally be positive, but of course there are always exceptions to this.

You may have been born into a negative family but through your own personal hard work and attending development awareness courses you have may have managed to work with the universe and achieve your dreams. The secret is to let go of your ego and all attachments, then you will get what you want, also you need to ask you higher self to remove any blocks from your energy system, blocks that will stop you from moving forward and acquiring your goals and dreams.

Simply sit and meditate and ask the universe to help you unblock all those negative blocks. You may even have abundance blocks that you did not realise you had. You need to be focused, positive and clear headed in all that you ask for and allow yourself to be one with the universe, mother earth, nature, the oceans and stars. Let go of any issues you may have, let go of any ego and detach, the more you do this the more you will be rewarded with what you want. You have unlimited possibilities to earn money and achieve your goals and dreams.

It can take time and patience, but you will succeed by being focused, and if you feel yourself starting to think negatively then, immediately, meditate again and ask your higher self to think positively. Your higher self is your soul and when we are born as human beings we can naturally be negative, its up to us to turn this around and start to think positive. So be a master of manifestation and create by setting positive intentions, and unblock your energy field, this will connect you to source for your abundance.

Love and Light,



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