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Own Your Divine Sovereignty

Each of us holds a unique energy essence that is recognised by Source in the form of a particular light code, we all have an energy frequency signature. At this time on the planet it's so important for you to shine your magnificent light out to others, as you continue to walk the path of light.

To do this however you need to walk a spiritual pathway, to recognise for yourself your own truth and not somebody else’s truth. We are bombarded with different peoples point of view on spirituality but the only truth is your own truth. We are all created in a different way by the creator, we all have a uniqueness, a essence, a light code. This is why some people resonate more with others, and sometimes not with others. At the end of the day we are all love, that’s it pure and simple. So aim to be the very best that you can in life. Try to meditate sometimes if not everyday, try to understand others even if you find this difficult at first. Try to be patience, to be kind, to understand other people and their points of view.

To own your own divine sovereignty means to be your own master, to of cleared yourself of past issues, past heartaches, past anger, past mistakes, basically to clear the past and delete it. Begin again as every day is a new day so live life, to the best of your ability. Its natural in life to make mistakes but you do not need to hold on tightly to this, its also normal to get hurt and angry but again please let this go with ease and grace. Whatever you feel to let go of you must let it go, no use holding on to an energy that is negative. Its important to be balanced, calm and in harmony in life otherwise you cannot help others.

We are but temporary residents here on this beautiful planet earth, therefore make the most of your time with positive vibrations. Do whatever you can to lift your vibrational frequency and all those around you with joy and happiness. Get out in the sunshine, breathe in fresh air, sing, dance, meditate and do whatever makes you happy. Your own essence is who you are, and when you clear all of your stuff, your baggage, your issues, you will refine yourself and become a beautiful shining light for all to see.

By knowing your truth and embracing your divine sovereignty, you attain self-mastery, from a place of awakening, you remember and reconnect to your true-life purpose and become the owner of your Divine Blueprint. You become the owner of your energy frequency signature and will be of service to all of humanity.

Love and Light,



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